Novel technology

inbetween light & matter for PV

Employing quantum nanoplasmonic effects upon mediation of light energy transfer in Photovoltaics for the new generation of efficient Solar Cells

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    • Technologies we develop

    Plasmonic-Enhanced Perovskite Solar Cells
    H2020, ERA.NET R&D

    Finite Element Method Modeling Update with

    A New Generation of Quantumly Improved

    Plasmono-Polaritonic Phemonema for the


    A new approach to attaining breakthrough in PV Solar Energy for a sustainable future

    Our Research & Development
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    Developing technology for energy conversion basing on the quantum nature of light & matter interaction

    • Researching quantum nano-plasmonics for producing of the new generation of efficient Solar Cells

    • Working on novel materials synergy for the quantum channels scaling up the energy transfer — joining the perovskites with plasmons in metallic nano-particles

    What do we do

    Our main technological goal is to research and commercialize a very strong plasmon photovoltaic enhancement in the metalized perovskite solar cells.

    Nano-Plasmonic Solar Cells Enhancements Research

    We internationally cooperate with leading laboratories and research centers.

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    New Metalized Solar Cells Architectures Design

    We conceive new architectural designs of the nano-plasmonic enhanced SCs by metalization.

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    New Generation of Metalized SCs Nano-Optimization

    We work with theory, experiment and modeling to fine-tune the nano quantum effects at play.

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    Metalized Perovskite Solar Cells Screen Printing

    With develop technology for 3D ink-jet and screen printing of the nano-plasmonic perovskite SCs.

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    New Gen Solar Cells Devices Prototyping and Production

    We develop prototypes and test them experimentally in leading internatioal PV laboratories.

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    Perovskite Plasmonic Solar Cells for Space Applications

    We work on solutions for space with liquid printed flexible, light, but very efficient perovskite SCs.

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    We are looking for the European investors

    Our technological business is projected to bring economic turnover for the European Union in particular in Belgium-Flanders and Poland increasing the EU position in Solar Energy

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    Technology Experts and Researchers Engaged in International Cooperation

    R&D project proposals in different areas of our technology commercialization (projected five years financial turnover of circa 20 Mio Euro)


    Euro Investment Projected in a Two Years Scale of Research and Development

    Involvement of venture capital, regional development funds and research framework programmes of the EU (H2020 and ERA-NET)


    Our research

    For overcoming the technological and economical barriers in PV proliferation

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    We work on a project-based schedule

    We define our main goal as enabling technological breakthrough in proliferation of the cost-efficient solutions for Photovoltaics based Solar Energy.

    • The key to Solar Cells mainstreaming breakthrough lies in technological ways to increase efficiencies of the PV effect.

    • We identified such general PV efficiency enhancement process in utilization of nano-plasmonic effects quantumly contributing to a significant increase of light energy absorbed by semiconductors.

    • In qualitative terms this is due to metallic nano-particles with plasmons (electrons liquid) breaking translational symmetry of the semiconductors thus lifting off momentum-convervation in quantum transitions and widening the energy-transfer channels.

    • Upon academic international cooperation our scientific team was engaged for over a decade now in theoretical and experimental verification of plasmonic enhancement of PV efficiencies and photocurrent gains in various solar cells architectures.
    • The quantum nano-plasmonic effects are especially pronounced in perovskite solar cells systems. We now focus on development of nano-plasmonic enhanced printable perovskite Solar Cells.

    Our process

    PlasmaSolaris is a joint-venture between the high-profile scientific centers experts, entrepreneurs and investors. It involves research teams across European Union that work together for commercialization of the new generation of nano-plasmonic enhanced Solar Cells technologies and seek support of the EC funding (H2020).

    Solving the PV industry biggest problems

    We aim at bringing to the market new flexible Solar Cells technology based on perovskite with all its advantages and highly enhanced efficiencies.

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